One-on-one coaching.  Small group coaching. Fitness classes. Nutrition coaching.

Your gym. Our Gym. At Home. Indoors or outdoors. We build relationships and programs that work specifically for you.


Our FITNESS TRAINING METHODS are derived from the highly specialized and athletic backgrounds of our coaches. We continually work with professional athletes and apply the same knowledge and technique to your highly-focused training experience.

Working with Vitals has been life changing! I started working with my coach twice a week ever since I turned 50 (which was definitely a major life milestone.) My objectives were to improve my overall fitness and health, and my expectations were exceeded at every level. Not only has my fitness improved dramatically, I’m stronger, I’ve lost weight and more importantly my stress levels have decreased substantially. I actually look forward to the results of my annual physical now to see how much I’m improving every year. And the work outs themselves are actually fun! Difficult and challenging, but definitely fun.


Our nutrition programs promote proper nourishment as a staple for good living.  We offer programs ranging from BASIC NUTRITION included during every workout session to a comprehensive, four-stage program called NUTRITION ESSENTIALS led by a nutrition specialist.

The Vitals fitness and nutrition coaches are serious-minded professionals who custom-tailor their services to the needs of their clientele. The deficits and strengths of each individual are carefully considered and a bespoke regimen is organized for optimum, measurable improvement. Whether you’re fit or want to be Vitals is the go-to service for the highest standard of fitness and nutrition coaching.


Our LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES are promoted through all of our products and services.  They include stress management techniques, how to maintain nutrient balance, reducing blue light exposure at night, improving sleep quality and duration and anti-aging practices for the whole body.

Vitals put me through a routine that not only helped me find focus in my workout - but also alleviated my failing sleep habits. Outstanding to wake up feeling strong.

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