For over a decade Vitals has tailored and helped implement hundreds of Personal Health Programs for clients that range individuals trying to meet personal health goals to professional athletes.

Personal service is elemental to all Vitals Health programming, as coaches customize each session with health assessments, fitness programming, nutrition guidelines and long-term goal setting.  During every initial consultation, coaches record and analyze 20 different metrics to set achievable client goals.


We work closely with our clients to help them build a personalized and focused wellness program that works within their lifestyle and schedule. Your Vitals coach will routinely send you workouts and track your progress and nutrition habits. The success stories we see every day come from the personal, functional relationships our clients develop with their coaches.


Our coaches are experts in a variety of different fields and have a level of in-depth knowledge that is unparalleled in New York. Vitals is continuously investing into new training methodologies, nutrition training and the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our coaches remain the absolute best at their craft and can deliver the Vitals difference.