Unlock your athletic potential.

Basketball. Football. Wrestling. MMA. Football. Baseball. Lacrosse. Soccer. Tennis. Golf. Swimming. Surfing.

Our coaches have athletic backgrounds in every kind of sport. We work specifically with skills coaches, physical therapists and athletic trainers to design elite performance programs for athletes. Our athletes are led through comprehensive training programs that include:

  1. Movement Screen, Nutrition and Lifestyle assessment.
  2. Physical Therapy
  3. Soft Tissue Management
  4. Corrective Exercises and Sport Preparation
  5. Linear/Lateral/Multi-directional Acceleration, Top-end Speed and Deceleration
  6. Plyometrics and Explosiveness
  7. Performance Nutrition
  8. Recovery and Anti-inflammation Management
  9. Sleep Quality and Duration
  10. Sports Psychology

Vitals coaches are Athletes. Preparing the body for sport is what know best and what we practice every day.

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